Saweetie's "Fast (Motion)" Combines Her Two Passions: Music & Sports

Saweetie knows what it’s like to be the new girl, but you’d never guess it after marathoning her music videos and discography. Her work is the sonic embodiment of attitude and electricity, packaged as fiercely feminine rhymes with fire beats that have garnered over 1 billion streams on Spotify. The latest addition to the rap star’s body of work? Her May 7 single, “Fast (Motion),” and its spirited music video, both released just months ahead of her debut album, Pretty B*tch Music, which drops this #hotvaxsummer.

A Conversation with Mabel: Romance, Storytelling & the Theory of Forever

Mabel talks about the conception of her debut Bedroom EP, writing and collaborating with a purpose, and the beauty of creating globally understood art through the vehicles of language and sound. It’s an early Tuesday evening in London when Mabel McVey reveals that she’s a “crazy, crazy control freak,” but this is a trait that few would pin on the 21-year-old singer/songwriter after a first impression. From visuals to sounds, Mabel’s aesthetic – derived from not just the female forces of ‘90s po


Dreams are experiments in duality. They reflect and refract real-life. They are visions that can drive us while we’re wide awake, even when we’re charmed by things—art, environments, people—that we know are impossible fantasies. And when we’re dreaming, those bewildering distortions of time, space and plot can be as attractive as the heart-piercing moments where everything perfectly resolves. Matt Koenig, the songwriter-producer behind the Undercover Dream Lovers, makes these dichotomies into mu


KATZÙ OSO: HOW CAN I SAY IT? Paul Hernandez is a lover boy—not an audacious casanova, but a self-proclaimed hopeless romantic who simply falls in love too fast, poeticizing the women who make him stumble headfirst into desire and devotion. When this young Latino musician speaks about love, there’s a bashfulness in his voice, a change of inflection that signals the same authenticity he displays as a producer and songwriter dedicated to shimmering synthpop. As Katzù Oso—a bedroom-based solo proje


At its deepest, romantic love is all-consuming—it’s something universal, and something powerful enough to provoke both fixation on another and contemplation of oneself. And it’s the inspiration for 20-year-old Gardena singer-songwriter Aolani—born Kalyn Aolani Oshiro-Wachi—on her new self-titled EP. Aolani is a fearlessly intimate project, the result of two years post-music-school spent defining and refining her own individual kind of R&B. From collaborating with Bane’s World’s Michael Seyer to